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Our marketing program... a collaboration of artists, nonprofits, medical facilities. and other businesses. Artists submit works of original art to the HELPS-Austin gallery. When a nonprofit selects one or more of your artworks to use a a promotional item, Your art may be selected by a medical office or business to display your art, support the nonprofit and enhance the goodwill of the host business.

medical facilities & Doctors...

... can choose artworks that complement the doctor's décor, express their interest in the Austin community and promote their goodwill.

Patients & visitors scan a QR code on the exam room art that directs them to the HELPS-Austin gallery highlighting your art, plus other nonprofits and Austin artist


...can raise contributions selling artwork and publicizing artists who support them. Visitors may choose to purchase a piece from the HELPS-Austin gallery for their home or make a donation. The important thing is the public is rewarded for supporting a local artist and nonprofit.

Patients and visitors may also donate a smaller or greater amount directly to the nonprofit as a one time or periodic donation.


There are over 9,000 nonprofits in Austin. It is difficult, for them to tell the public they exist or what they do in the community. With low visibility it is challenging to raise funds. Working together we promote goodwill and raise money to help us serve the community effectively.

Artist marketing & sales

The artist sets the sales base price for limited edition prints. You may elect to sell only framed work or certain sizes. The artist is in control of all aspects producing copies and pricing their work.  

You retain possession of all original art. Your art is always available for you to sell directly to anyone. HELPS-Austin does not participate financially in your private sales.

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