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HELPS-AUSTIN is a collaborative effort between artists, nonprofits, and businesses. Artists upload their original works of art to the HELPS-AUSTIN. A nonprofit may use artwork as a promotional item. A purchaser may display the art reproduction in any manner they choose.

art subject matter

Any art uploaded to HELPS-AUSTIN should be suitable for all audiences and age groups. The determination of suitability shall be at the sole discretion of HELPS-AUSTIN. Artwork may be removed from the site without notice. Examples of unsuitable art include but are not limited to the depiction of violence or sexually explicit acts.

Distribution of sales proceeds

The price you set shall include all production, packing, and shipping costs. HELPS-AUSTIN triples the price you set and that is the retail sales price displayed on the HELPS-AUSTIN website.

When a HELPS-AUSTIN visitor purchases a work of art, the artist will receive the price set upon submitting a bill of lading from a carrier (FedEx, UPS, USPS) to HELPS-AUSTIN via electronic media.
The artist agrees to package the art and replace any art shipments damaged in transit to the buyer at the artist's expense.

One-third of the proceeds will be paid to the non-profit designated by the artist. A different nonprofit may select the art to use as a donation premium. The nonprofit selecting the art for a premium shall become the designated recipient of their share of sales proceeds.


The artist retains physical possession of all artworks and retains the copyright. By uploading the art to HELPS-AUSTIN the artist is licensing HELPS-AUSTIN to display the art on their website in any form or location on the website.

By uploading any artwork to HELPS-AUSTIN the artist declares this is an original work of art and not a derivative or copy of work by another party. The artist also agrees to hold HELPS-AUSTIN harmless from any claims by third parties in any legal matter where copyright infringement is claimed.

QR Codes

QR codes are a common marketing device to connect a visitor to the website. The artist agrees to provide at no additional cost, a modified version of the artwork file to include the QR code. The QR code is a visual representation of a website URL address. This QR code (supplied by HELPS-AUSTIN to the artist) shall take a visitor to the artwork item on the HELPS-AUSTIN website.

Artist edition size

The artist may set the number of print reproductions (edition size) of art uploaded to HELPS-AUSTIN. Limiting the edition size can influence the value of the artwork in the future.
The artist agrees that all reproductions of art uploaded to HELPS-AUSTIN shall be sold exclusively through the HELPS-AUSTIN marketing channel at the set price.

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