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I'm David Richardson, founder of HELPS-AUSTIN, a directory connecting people to businesses and over 9,700 nonprofits in Austin. Each listing displays artwork by local artists. The sales of the artwork benefit both the artist and the nonprofit equally.

Our search function is a little different. A typical query offers results ranked by relevance to your search term. For a broader query, append an asterisk to your query (like "sports*").  That displays a broader variety of business or nonprofit solutions. That may help you refine your search results.

HELPS-AUSTIN aims to create a partnership between nonprofits, the small business community, artists, and Austin residents. A successful partnership demonstrates the value of working together. Customers find nonprofit and business resources faster. Businesses generate goodwill. Artists show and sell their work year-round. Nonprofits gain exposure for their programs and generate donations.  

Become a founding member of our community.  Business owners, register for the directory.  Artists, upload your art.  Nonprofit directors, update your mission statement.  Thank you for your interest.

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Tag your favorites! (click the heart): Your account page is your private workspace so Review everything you "liked" in your "account" page.

BUSINESSES & ARTISTS: To participate, register and then upgrade your account. For businesses and artists, a donation to your favorite nonprofit is the "entry fee".

NONPROFITS: Nonprofit directors require vetting to ensure they are authorized to update information about your nonprofit - your Mission, Programs, and Population served. These are the data fields we use in our searches. We vet all nonprofit organizations to ensure 501(c)(3) organizations receive donations.

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