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All artists' work is copyrighted.

Your purchases compensate artists and nonprofits. Order the size and form of the artwork directly with the artist. Options like matting and framing should be worked out directly between you and the artist.


Artists can upload a sampling of their art for public review and promote sales of their ORIGINAL work through their online sales channels. The artist sets the price of their art prints and the number of prints in the series.

Nonprofit Directors

Nonprofit directors may select one or more artists' work as a promotional item. Selected art will be displayed in medical and corporate settings to promote nonprofit donations, the artist and HELPS-Austin.

Medical & Business Facilities

Medical facility waiting and exam rooms will often benefits from art. Art creates a more inviting and comfortable setting with patients awaiting services - a distraction from what could be a stressful time. Art that promotes local artist and benefits local nonprofits not only improves décor but enhances public relations and goodwill.

HELPS-Austin Helps Everyone Live in Peace and Safety