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I'm David Richardson, founder of HELPS-AUSTIN, a directory connecting people to over 9,700 nonprofits in Austin. Nonprofits serve the health and social services, the arts, education, sports, the environment and so much more. You also have a search function allowing users to find local businesses. These resources are all available in an accordion-style directory. Each listing displays artwork by local artists. The sales of the artwork benefit both the artist and the nonprofit equally.

Businesses will be included in our directory for a $20/month donation directed towards a nonprofit of their choice. Our goal is to make donating easy, secure, and rewarding while also measuring the impact of donations in real time. By showcasing these metrics, we hope to help establish community priorities and support nonprofits that make a difference and encourage innovation.

Please note that our directory's search function provides powerful options. If you enter a query into the search field, such as "seniors", "music", or "sports", we will offer a list of 30 nonprofits ranked by relevance to your search term. If you append an asterisk to your query, like "senior*", we will offer a random list that may help you refine your search results.

Become a founding member of our community.  Business owners, register for the directory.  Artists, upload your art.  Nonprofit directors, update your mission statement.  Thank you for your interest.

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HELPS-AUSTIN aims to create a partnership between nonprofits, the small business community, artists, and Austin residents. For this partnership to be successful, everyone must see the value and benefit directly. Businesses can advertise and generate goodwill, while artists can display their work year-round and make more sales. Nonprofits can gain exposure for their programs and generate donations.  At the same time, visitors have easy access to business and nonprofit resources and receive art in exchange for their donations.

HELPS-AUSTIN supports 9,700 nonprofits

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HELPS-AUSTIN is more than just a marketing company – it's a force for good in the Austin community. We're dedicated to helping nonprofits, small businesses, and artists thrive, while also making a difference in the lives of Austin's homeless population.

What sets us apart? For one, we're not your typical "for-profit" company. While we do make money, 100% of our profits are directed toward charity. That means when you work with us, you're not just getting great marketing services – you're also contributing to a good cause.

But that's not all. We've also made it incredibly easy to donate with confidence. Our website allows you to vet nonprofits through GuideStar, so you can be sure you're supporting legitimate organizations. Nonprofits themselves can also participate by registering on our website and selecting artworks to use as donation premiums. When those artworks sell, the revenue is split equally between the artist, the nonprofit, and HELPS-AUSTIN.

But we don't just stop at art sales. We also partner with businesses to create sales opportunities that benefit everyone involved. Participating businesses not only promote goodwill but also offer customers a fun diversion while they wait for products and services. It's a win-win for everyone.

how you can make a difference in your community BY enjoying art?

As an Austin resident, you have the power to make a difference in your community by supporting local artists and nonprofits. When you buy art through HELPS-AUSTIN, you're not just getting a beautiful piece for your home - you're also contributing to a better future for all.  

HELPS-AUSTIN provides a unique and rewarding platform for learning about nonprofits. Our online art gallery features original works of art, with sales revenue split equally between the artist, a nonprofit, and HELPS-AUSTIN. Artists retain full control over production, shipping, and pricing, and receive the same profit they would from a traditional art gallery sale. Buyers can choose from a range of high-quality prints and original works, often available in a framed or unframed option.

Our platform also offers nonprofits the opportunity to share their stories in a more meaningful way than a 30-second public service announcement. We provide a searchable database of information provided by the nonprofits themselves, as well as third-party resources verified through IRS tax filings. This resource is available to Austin residents year-round, making it easy to find and support causes that matter to you.

every Artist Welcome

Art is not just a form of creative expression, it's an act of love. Whether it's spending hours with a piece of paper or a canvas, every stroke and every detail is a reflection of care and thought. Art has the power to transport us to the past or inspire us for the future.

At HELPS-AUSTIN, we believe that art made with love deserves to be displayed in our online gallery. When you purchase art from our platform, you're not just supporting local artists, you're also benefiting the community. Sales from our gallery go towards giving voice to those who are making a conscious effort to create a better and kinder Austin for all.

So why not add a touch of love to your home or office with a beautiful piece of art from HELPS-AUSTIN? Your purchase will not only brighten up your space, but it will also contribute to the greater good of the community.

David Richardson

A homeless man camping out near US 290 and FM 1826 started a devastating fire in Oak Hill in 2011. Twelve homes were destroyed. But who among us has not left a pot on the stove and forgotten about it?

We have neighbors living among us, camping in our open spaces. That is a fact. It is the lack of shelter for them that creates the risk to our communities. In some cases, families under stress might just need some help transitioning to self-sufficiency.

Over many years we have seen our homeless population increase. Encampments grew under our highway overpasses. More people were asking for money or food at our intersections.

In a sea of affluence, the needs of our vulnerable neighbors are often ignored or disrespected. In 2021 Austin voters approved Proposition B making it illegal to camp out under public roadways - notably - without providing any place for them to live. This is not a solution.

A fundamental question is whether homelessness is a neighborhood community issue that should be addressed at the local neighborhood level or a societal issue where taxes and government provide a solution. Maybe it's not either/or but both. Given the political resistance to spending taxes to address the need for low-income housing, government alone will never provide adequate housing.

Nonprofits offer alternative solutions that are more flexible in their approach and more capable of serving target populations with greater effectiveness.

Sheltering our homeless offers a person not only dignity, but a place to start or resume a life they once had. Moreover, providing shelter to our homeless population will make our communities safer.

There are numerous efforts in Austin to provide food, shelter, and security. There are many reasons people lose their home; family emergencies aging out of foster care, sudden loss of family support, and others are chronic. They all require different solutions and nonprofit organizations offer specialized and targeted resources.

This is why I support Community First! Village and all efforts to provide shelter to those without a home. Community First Village serve but one group of people who for mental, social or physical disability cannot find or hold a job. There are many more that are without a home through no fault of their own.

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