Our story: helps-austin

Every community has a host of nonprofit services

  • Nutrition and food services
  • Community Garden
  • Health services
  • Clothing: used and new
  • Sheltering the homeless
  • Helping people in the justice system
  • Veterans resources
  • Almost too many to list

80% of nonprofits fail because they never get funded. They never get the resources to reach the people that would support them or even reach the people who would use their services. They fail because:

  • They never get administrators let alone secretaries
  • Funding is competitive and they may never get funded
  • Grants require is cumbersome application process taking precious time
  • Advertising is expensive
  • The lack of visibility and resources limits services to target populations

Waiting for services is part of life

The clinic, the doctor, the dentist, the hospital consume endless hours of waiting. That time doesn't need to be boring. People could use that time looking at art - ART BY LOCAL ARTISTS - instead of old maps or anatomy charts. They could be learning about community resources and volunteer opportunities.

Why this? ->

An exam rooms or waiting could be pleasant

Covid has forced clinics and hospitals to remove magazines. So waiting and exam rooms have become sterile not only medically but emotionally.

HELPS-Austin offers local art to medical facilities

While clients & patients wait, medical staff could offer them something to do. Put local artist's work in waiting and exam rooms. One picture by a local artist. The professional or the staffer selects the art. The art and the QR code is a door to engaging and useful information.

The HELPS-Austin QR code opens a digital magazine for Austin artists and nonprofits. It includes stories and testimonials highlighting the value of nonprofits along with the challenges they face.

People can browse art in the gallery, review an artist's portfolio and learn about the nonprofit they endorse. People can find resources or services a family member might need. While people wait 10, 20 even 40 minutes in an exam room, HELPS-Austin is in every mobile phone.

HELPS-Austin distributes 100% of our profits every month

Even small amounts can be the difference between survival and failure for an innovative nonprofit just getting going. That grant might not come in for months. Services might be rendered, resources might be distributed sooner with funding. Recurring donations, even small amounts, make a big difference.

HELPS-Austin provides income to local artists

Art print sales offer royalty income to participating artists. HELPS-Austin takes care of production, shipping and sales taxes. Artists control the sales price of their art and maintain control of all original art. They are free to sell the original art on their own or in other galleries. They control their online  portfolio and upload the art themselves. Royalty amounts vary according to the size and form of their art print.

HELPS-Austin Helps Everyone Live in Peace and Safety