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9,700 nonprofits

Austin has over 9,700 nonprofits and most people don’t know what they are or what they do.  We think of nonprofits almost exclusively as providers of social services.  The list is far more diverse with religious organization, boards, associations and so forth.  They also serve a diverse range of populations – singing groups, students, and ethnic associations.  There are groups that advocate for the environment of course, but also animals, trusts that provide funding to other nonprofits.

Nonprofits do provide resources to underserved communities of course. They serve low-income families, those lacking food, shelter or security and safety. Others provide substance abuse and family counseling services.

Many people want to help.  But the worlds is constantly asking for money for local causes political causes and international causes.  With all those relentless requests for our time and money we can become numb to the needs of our community here in Austin. We can turn the other cheek believing that people are irresponsible or they brought these problems upon themselves.

Still, we do want to help but we sometimes questioning whether we are doing the right thing. Most of us are not trained to work with at risk populations. How and where do we learn about this or that nonprofit to reduce our anxiety to feel generous enough to write a check or make a credit card donation?

We help with your help

HELPS-AUSTIN offers a resource to learn about nonprofits. We offer a unique platform that is both entertaining and rewarding.  

HELPS-AUSTIN is an online gallery of art.  Art sales revenue is split between the artist, a nonprofit and HELPS-AUSTIN equally. The artist is responsible for production, shipping, and pricing. The artist receives what they would get from a sale through an art gallery.  

The buyer gets original art (silk screen or photography for instance), signed, and numbered or a high quality print that is often available framed or unframed.

The nonprofit receives a donation and HELPS-AUSTIN pays sales tax and transaction fees.  100% of our profits are donated to charity.

HELPS-AUSTIN offers a resource and a platform to nonprofits to tell their story, not just for 30 seconds on the radio or TV. is is available to Austin residents throughout the year. Our nonprofit search offers information that nonprofits provide as well as third party resources verified from IRS tax filings.

We couldn’t do this without the participation of businesses displaying art.  We reward them offering them  a platform to demonstrate how they generate goodwill. We encourage them to donate to a nonprofit organization and tell their patrons why. This creates a virtuous cycle of support and normalizes kindness to all people.

All Art and Every Artist Is Welcome

Art is an act of love. Spending time with a piece of paper or a canvas demonstrates care and thought.  Art may reflect the past or anticipate the future.  If the art is made with love, it deserves to be displayed on HELPS-AUSTIN gallery.

Sales benefit the community and gives voice to those people making the effort to make Austin a better, kinder place to live.

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