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Every HELPS-AUSTIN business supports our community. They donate every month & buy art. You can help our community too. Be that person who HELPS-AUSTIN just by looking around, shopping, and investing in our HELPS-AUSTIN community.

Buy art & donate through HELPS-AUstin

The important thing here is EVERYBODY wins! You create & support the community you want and get rewarded with an art premium you choose. The artist receives their full price.

Sales proceeds are shared between the artist, the nonprofit, and HELPS-AUSTIN. Reproductions could be on paper, canvas, or aluminum, framed or unframed. Options differ from artist to artist. When you buy art, check descriptions for details.

Proceeds shared with HELPS-AUSTIN pay transaction fees, sales taxes, and operating expenses. 100% of our profits are donated to charities helping people find shelter and safety.

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display your art 24/7 all over austin

  • Increase your online presence and
  • Put your art in offices and other local businesses
  • Easy marketing: low cost & low effort.
  • HELPS-AUSTIN pays sales tax & transaction fees on all sales

you to partner with businesses & nonprofits

Businesses contributing to nonprofits want to share their commitment to the community. That includes you. They may display your art offering customers something to do while they wait for goods or services.

A QR code on the art links to YOUR artwork on HELPS-AUSTIN with your portfolio along with the nonprofits you support. Your participation encourages others to support those efforts too by purchasing your art.

Join HELPS-AUSTIN and upload your art today

Showcase your art by donating $5 to your favorite nonprofit through HELPS-AUSTIN. You control your price, production, and quality control. Sell framed or unframed reproductions or both. You control the edition size and can print on demand letting your trusted printer print and ship when an order is placed. You maintain possession of the image and copyright.

getting paid your full price

Get paid when you supply proof of shipment to the buyer.

A nonprofit may choose your art to use as a premium. When any nonprofit selects your art as a donation premium, it increases exposure to a wider audience. You still get the full price. Business and nonprofit efforts bring customers to you. You're always free to sell originals at market prices.

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your nonprofit makes a difference

Make sure Austin knows how.

We use the information on your IRS Form 990 to populate our database.
HELPS-AUSTIN lets you fine-tune your messaging to be more effective.

businesses amplify your efforts

Business donations not only support you financially, but businesses also expose your nonprofit to their customers while they wait for goods and services. We show details about your mission, programs, and target population featuring your community and business support.

People will find you faster and know what a difference you make.

art premiums establish & define your brand

The artwork you select offers people multiple price levels for donations. Your choices of premiums (the artworks) establish a "look" and brand profile congruent with what you do and who you are. When these selected artworks sell, you share revenue with the artist and HELPS-AUSTIN.

Receive donations quickly

Register now to confirm your bona fides as the nonprofit director. Credit card donations flow to your nonprofit monthly. Your share of sales proceeds is paid when the artwork ships.

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stand out supporting the community

Everybody deserves dignity, respect, and kindness.

every $20 / month donation helps-austin

Business is more than what you do. Joining HELPS-AUSTIN shows who you are.

Displaying art with the QR code lets customers discover how you help and encourage them to be part of our community, browsing art and discovering a part of Austin hiding in plain sight.

Supporting more nonprofits expands your market

Users find your business in multiple ways:
1) We list businesses supporting a nonprofit along with ad copy you control.
2) HELPS-AUSTIN business search displays your ad copy with links to your website.

The art appearing in both places reinforces your social and financial support for Austin