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HELPS-AUSTIN offers an INDEX of events Events page offers users the ability to see what is going on on a particular date. Additional filters help find types of events [garage sales, park clean-ups, sports, music, food festivals...] on a particular day. Filter for free events, events for certain age groups, certain parts of town, on a particular day.

Pick a day and get a random sample of events. Filter for certain types activities, by age group, by area of Austin. Search a certain area of Austin and a date range. Your first results present a random sampling of events. Filter again to drill down looking at what is available.

Events that are flagged for any reason will be reviewed and may be taken down if deemed inappropriate or unauthorized.  users who abuse this site will be restricted from posting future events.


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1) register & login with name and email.
2) go to your accounts page and fill out the Event Form.
3) view and test before publishing
4) publish the event listing to our classified events
5) event expires 24 hours after event and no longer available

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